Maria G. Cardenas

Project Coordinator | Los Angeles, CA

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Maria Cardenas is a native Angeleno, and an avid Los Angeles sports fan. Maria enjoys following UCLA football and basketball. At the professional level, she loves watching the Dodgers play baseball, or the Lakers work the basketball court. Maria enjoys going to live sporting events, and tailgating with friends and family before UCLA football games.

Maria is the proud mother of two daughters, and appreciates going to Disneyland as much as they do! She also admires the collections she feels lucky to see on her visits to various museums. Given her choice in ice cream, she’ll have Mint Chocolate Chip. And she prefers coffee over tea. But she’ll pass on any dish containing liver, thank you very much.

Maria also believes there’s nothing wrong with people using their manners, like chewing with their mouths closed. In her spare time, Maria plays the flute. If she weren’t in design, she would have liked to have been an astronaut!

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