Trey Tyler

Project Manager | Richmond, VA

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Trey is a Richmond native and grew up on the Southside (Midlothian) before heading south to North Carolina State’s School of Design (Go Pack!) in Raleigh. After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture degree he worked at various firms in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC where he began exploring 3D modeling and computer visualization techniques. He is a self-taught 3D Artist and prides himself on being an early pioneer in the Architectural Visualization Industry.

In the early 2000s, Trey found his way back to Richmond and has since worked in a variety of architectural settings, from large-scale regional A&E firms to small specialized exhibit design studios, to operating his own design consulting firm and ArchViz studio. He also has worked on large-scale adaptive reuse projects and the restoration, preservation, and interpretation of historic sites including Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. The common thread through all of those experiences has been a passion for exceptional design and the use of cutting edge visualization technology to develop not only the way those designs are presented, but also as a means to enhance the design process itself.

In his free-time, Trey enjoys mountain biking with friends, architectural and wildlife photography, flying his drone, and hiking with his two adult daughters whenever he gets the chance!

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