Office Refreshes

It’s time for a change...

Is your office out of date? Do you need to excite people to come back?

Building refreshes requires careful planning and collaboration and are essential for maintaining a vibrant and cutting-edge research environment that attracts top talent, fosters innovation, and advances discoveries.


Why Do a Refresh?
Refreshing a workspace for employees is vital as it bolsters morale, productivity, and well-being by providing a visually appealing, adaptable, and collaborative environment.

Use of space is the leading reason for investing in a refresh versus a full gut renovation. A refresh takes into account all of your existing infrastructure and utilizes cost effective strategies to inspire a new environment.

An existing warehouse was retrofitted to house the new corporate headquarters for Allen Flavors located in South Plainfield, NJ.

Refresh vs. Renovation
A refresh is executed by using existing office furniture and equipment. It’s important to examine the current condition, functionality, and how well each piece aligns with the new design. Items may be repurposed, refurbished or ultimately seamlessly integrated into the new layout.

A renovation involves strategically repositioning the entire office’s structure. This involves performing a comprehensive workplace analysis and re-orienting interdepartmental interactions.


Rethinking Your Use of Space
An existing space can easily be repurposed by rethinking the ways it is currently set up. Collaborative zones can be combined with private workspaces, which will encourage both teamwork and focused tasks. Prioritizing natural light, ergonomic comfort, and seamless technology integration will further enhance the workspace. Incorporating your brand’s identity, wellness spaces, and sustainable elements will create an environment that aligns with your company values and supports employee well-being. Ultimately, a refresh of your existing space with a new layout will ensure that your space is vibrant, productive, and that it fosters further innovation.


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