College of Mount Saint Vincent – Residence Hall

Our ENV New Jersey team is currently working with the College of Mount Saint Vincent on a new Residence Hall and Nursing School building. The building is just one of the new additions to the campus that the college has begun. With the growing population of students in the college, the building will be an amazing new space for students to learn and live during their time at the college.

The main floor (Level 3) of the building will house the residence hall lobby, the largest lounge space, kitchen, laundry room, and residence life. The floors above (Level 4-6) include a mix of duplex units (Quad Suites) with shared bathrooms or single units with shared bathrooms. The rooms include individual PTAC units for thermal comfort, connection to campus internet and cable, as well as ADA accessible bathrooms for all residence hall rooms. On each of the floors in the residence hall, a central lounge gives students a separate space to relax, socialize and create a community of learning.

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