ENV NY Staff Gathering – October 2017

Every fall the NY staff looks forward to traveling upstate for a day of fun, food, and beautiful scenery. A tradition now in its seventh year, the festivities usually include a pumpkin carving contest, scavenger hunt, and raffle. David Rush, president of the NY office, generously hosts the company, along with their “plus ones” (or more!), in appreciation of all their hard work. The guests enjoy the gorgeous surroundings, particularly stunning in the fall foliage.

Besides the familiar fun events, the 2017 celebration also featured live music, volleyball, badminton, an inflatable slide, and bouncy house. There was a friendly post-party employee photo competition, as well. The occasion is a chance for staff to socialize together outside the office, meet each other’s families, show off their hidden athletic skills, unleash some pumpkin carving creativity, and perhaps even win a free vacation day or two! We hope this autumn fest continues on for many years to come.

A few of the highlights from the gathering (besides the people and view) were live music, sports, a giant inflatable slide, and the pumpkin carving contest.

There were a variety of pumpkin contestants, from the intricately designed ones to entries which used props in an innovative way.

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