On The Boards: Emerson School District Referendum

After helping to pass a $13.3 million referendum back in October 2018 with the Emerson School District, our team set out on the boards to start making this idea a reality.

Emerson School District is located in the northwestern portion of New Jersey it is comprised of two elementary schools and one junior and senior high school. Combined the schools have over 1,200 students throughout. Our team has been working closely with the school officials to perfect the designs to match the school’s focuses and ensure that the environment that is being created will promote the school’s core values.

The referendum includes two major projects for the Emerson School District as well as infrastructure upgrades throughout all three schools. In the elementary school, a new ground-up gymnasium, security vestibule, and classroom addition will be built. In the other elementary school, infrastructure upgrades will be added. In the high school, a new entrance is being created which will feature a security vestibule and a new lab classroom will be added to supplement the school’s science programs.

Our team uses 3D models to see how things will look when completed. This visualization process helps us collaborate with our client and make design decisions for a successful project.

Below you can see the 3D models that are in progress for this project. Below you can see the 3D models that are in progress for this project.

ENVisioning the Future of the Space

Top Photo: Currently a parking lot, the above rendering depicts the gym and classrooms which will be built at the elementary school

Bottom Left: One of the new security vestibules to be installed on the elementary school

Bottom Right: New lab classroom in the high school

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