ENV New Jersey
Softball Series

Each year, our ENV New Jersey team gets together and takes to the field for a fun-filled softball series. Arranged by Zogg Sports, a local sports league organizer, our team joins in with anywhere from seven to eight other teams to compete for a championship win. The series takes place about 10 minutes from our New Jersey office in Overpeck Park. Throughout the eight week season, our team gets a chance to bond outside the office and in turn, gets to know each other better in the process.

We caught up with one of the newer members of the team this year, Victoria Grimshaw who is the Office Manager at ENV New Jersey. When asked how Victoria felt being on the team impacted her day-to-day work environment, she said “Getting the chance to interact with my co-workers on the field helps me to bond in a great environment. On the field, it is crucial to have each other’s backs as each hit can alter the game entirely. Bringing this strong sense of communication off the field and into the office means that no matter the situation or task at hand, we are confident that our team is always there to lend a helping hand wherever need be.” Having this great sense of communication and team building is what we at ENV thrive on every day, taking this energy and skill set to each project our team starts and completes.

The team will compete in a few more games this season and then it’s off to the playoffs to hopefully bring home a win!

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