Welcoming the Future Architects of ENV!

Our ENV New Jersey office has worked for years with higher education institutions throughout the Northeast. Above and beyond designing educational facilities, our team prides itself on being an active member of the higher education community. Through mentorship programs, our New Jersey team brings on University students from surrounding schools and introduces them into the architectural industry.

Charles Koch, Vice President of ENV, oversees our Educational sector and stated: “I feel exposing the future generations of architectural professionals into the workforce while in school provides immense advantages for students upon graduation. For years now we have brought on countless students from local universities and high schools and watched them grow into this great industry”.

This year, we are pleased to welcome recent graduates Marco Erdenberger of NJIT and Caitlin Doyle of Temple University to the ENV Team. Marco and Caitlin both began their journeys into the architectural industry through the internship and mentorship programs at the New Jersey office. Having learned the ins and outs of ENV for the past three years, both of them have jump-started their careers and we at ENV are proud to have them on our team.

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