Anthony Carrasquillo

Technical Designer | New York, NY

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A graduate in Architecture at State University of New York at Delhi, Anthony enjoyed drawing buildings, textures, and layouts. His first chance to use his detailing skills was for a food service design company in NYC. Anthony enjoyed the work he was doing, but it didn’t quite coincide with all that he went to school for.

Happily, Manhattan, despite being the most densely populated borough, is also a small world. The company he worked for was closely associated to ENV and when a job opportunity opened at ENV, Anthony then found his match!

After getting a taste of life at ENV, Anthony knew he was in the right place. Fast forward to today, where he appreciates spending his days applying his skills working in architecture and interior design. He has helped to complete several WeWork interior design projects and is part of the team that continues to work with this very noteworthy shared workspaces client.

When he’s not at the office, you can find him on the court shooting hoops, or on his couch playing video games with friends. He loves watching basketball games live because the action is just too exciting, and his favorite team is the Warriors. Anthony also organizes the annual office superbowl competition for the company.

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