Shaunna Lam

Office Administrator/Marketing Assistant | New York, NY

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If you were to peruse Shaunna’s work history, you may be perplexed as to how she ended up at ENV. With an unconventional mix of jobs including TV producer, office manager, and marketing coordinator, this multi-hyphenate position allows her to put all her various skills to use. From accommodating clients, assisting principals, and providing general staff support to composing social media posts and helping with the company rebrand, Shaunna is happy to do whatever is needed – even in a Halloween costume!

In her spare time, Shaunna enjoys absorbing as much Japanese culture and language as possible through a ridiculous amount of anime watching, playing Monster Hunter on her 3DS, and spending countless hours on Wikipedia trying to demystify the world one fact at a time. She wants to taste every type of cuisine that exists and believes there is no such thing as “too much sleep.”

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