Zoe Hyman

Designer | New York, NY

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For as long as she can remember, Zoe has been interested in all things art and design. Whether it be constantly rearranging her childhood bedroom, helping her mother design their family home, or sketching countless renditions of her ideal living space, Zoe has always had a fascination towards the organization, functionality, and aesthetics of space. It wasn’t until college that Zoe decided to pursue architecture. After a casual conversation with her brother on her winter break of freshman year, Zoe decided to enroll in her first architectural studio the following spring semester. She soon earned a reputation as “that friend” who constantly stops short in her tracks to admire some minute detail on a seemingly ordinary building. And, despite all the late nights in the studio, Zoe fell in love with the blend of creativity and practicality that architecture had to offer.

Zoe graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Architecture and Sustainable Development and aims to integrate her knowledge of sustainability with her design work.
After spending a summer studying abroad in Copenhagen, Zoe witnessed firsthand how design can influence the creation of healthy and sustainable environments that nurture community and enhance the city’s beauty. Zoe is increasingly cognizant of the industry’s role in the present-day warming of the Earth and the consequences of climate change. However, in recognizing architecture’s not-so-environmentally-friendly past, she has also come to recognize its potential as an agent of environmental reparation and regeneration, thus committing herself to shaping a more sustainable future through her designs.

Outside the office, Zoe enjoys catching up with friends and family, playing with her two goldendoodles, Augie and Billie in New Jersey, and running around Central Park. She is also a huge foodie and can be found eating her way through NYC.

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