News Corp

With over 100 years of experience and a track record of providing services to major companies in the newspaper and book publishing sectors, News Corp has decided to expand its workspace within its current location in New York City. Collaborating closely with News Corp London, ENV incorporated similar elements from the London location into the New York Office. Within the 29,000 square feet of office space, one can find similar organic features in both the ceiling and floor, as well as the inclusion of similar furniture and finishes. This expansion of space has facilitated the creation of spacious collaboration areas and additional workstations to meet the evolving needs of News Corp.

The floor maintains a sophisticated ambiance through a grey-scale color scheme, complemented by occasional pops of color. It features various spaces, including private micro-spaces, a pantry with seating, and a spacious boardroom, equipped with all the necessities to support News Corp's continued growth and success.

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