Nursing School – College of Mount Saint Vincent

ENV worked with The College of Mount Saint Vincent to design a new School of Nursing. The new academic/residence building known today as Aquino Hall leads the forefront of medical innovation and research within the nursing community. Known as one of the leading institutions of patient care in the region, students and faculty will be immersed in real-world scenarios preparing them to be the future healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

This project posed a challenge with the various exterior elevations both in the front and rear of the building. Our team used the elevation changes to our advantage and made various outdoor seating areas as well as a main courtyard where students can socialize and work.

The first and second floor of the building houses the nursing school. This space features various instructional spaces, as well as an exam room for simulation learning.

The building has multiple lounge areas that offer students a flexible work environment and encourages collaboration amongst classmates and peers.

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