Roche Molecular Café

ENV was brought in by Roche Molecular to completely renovate their pre-existing cafe area. Our team gutted the space removing various dividing walls to provide a more open-air feel to the once closed-off space. Additions to the cafe included everything from updated flooring, ceilings, furniture, servery upgrades, and more.

Light-colored elements mixed with rich dark earthy tones emit a natural and clean look, which is now inviting for employees to sit and enjoy their lunch. We specifically focused on bringing in as much natural light as possible. This was accomplished by placing the dining area against the windows and adding an outdoor courtyard.

The servery section of the space which was once an outdated cafeteria now features the same light and airy styled design, with the food options now enticingly placed in an almost art like fashion.

By removing the walls and adding in light-colored seating the cafe becomes an open and welcoming environment.

A free-flowing design allows the space to feel open even during higher trafficked hours.

Placing the checkout terminals in the center of the space makes it so that the staff does not have to crowd into a small hallway waiting to get checked out. Instead, they can easily check themselves out and continue on without a wait.

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