CapitalSource Bank

Clean. Simple. Modern. The company was recently purchased and wanted to have a fresh start in a new office space with differentiation in branding from their previous location. The new company preferred low panel workstations to allow better communication and more access to natural light. There was no hierarchy – all workstations would be the same size and all offices would be the same size, no corner offices.

A dynamic tile floor pattern was designed for the reception lobby which created a focal point. Fabric wrapped panels were used to soften the feel of the room and balance the acoustics, while still presenting an architectural look.

The finish materials for the office environment were selected for their sustainability as well as appearance, to be crisp yet subtle with the dark tone on tone patterned carpet, white walls, and some well placed accent colors.

We located the coffee house style lunch room near an exterior door for easy access to the patio.

Employee wellness was a top priority, so the company wanted to provide a gym with showers and locker room.

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