SVB Silicon Valley Bank

FENNIE+MEHL Architects in San Francisco joined forces with ENV New York, to create the New York office for Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) located in the Park Avenue South district.  The relationship between F+M and SVB has resulted in several successful projects.

“We are so thankful for having ENV’s contributions as our design team partner in New York. A global reach requires true collaboration and trust between designers and a strong local team. Projects like this need a single design mind with many contributors and our collective success was based on a kindred design spirit that was not bound by location or the organization.”
– Ned Fennie, FENNIE+MEHL

The New York ENV team seamlessly integrated with F+M to be their local “boots on the ground” as well as maintaining and developing the design integrity for the project.

The materials used also play a large role in making both staff and visitors feel at ease and comfortable in the space. All of these elements are combined thoughtfully to embody what SVB believes is the core of its values and success. The completed space makes SVB stand out as a financial player in what is arguably the most competitive banking market in the world.

Photography by Eric Laignel

The floor plate is thoughtfully designed for several functions, from individual workspaces, to team rooms, collaborative meeting areas, and open SVB Café.

The large boardroom allows for flexibility to enclose or open up entirely for an even larger event space.

Special attention was taken in the overall branding and detailing of the space.

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