ENV Virginia Office

ENV Virginia relocated their Richmond office, moving about eight miles east from the Manchester neighborhood into the Fan. The 1941 building was formerly occupied by a coffee shop, with a previous life as an autobody shop.

The existing layout with large, connected rooms, originally designed to hold multiple vehicles, worked well and required very little structural renovation for its transformation into a dynamic and creative office. The high open ceilings and series of glass garage door openings create lofty spaces and offer an abundance of natural light throughout the workspace.

The transition from coffee shop to office required a change of use and slightly more renovation in the food service areas. Conveniently the coffee shop’s front of house service area was converted into an open breakroom and the back of house food prep area has been transformed into a materials library with an interior lounge/wellness room. The former bean roasting and grinding garage-size area is now outfitted as the studio space for our Virginia team, with an adjacent conference room offering a seamless transition for team discussions and project presentations.

Virginia’s new office is a testament to our dedication to creating inspiring and functional work environments. We believe that thoughtfully designed spaces empower innovation and elevate employee well-being.

The Virginia team is loving their new location only two blocks east of Carytown, as it’s within walking distance of many shops, local businesses, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

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