PVH Speedo

The relocation of Speedo’s Los Angeles area headquarters allowed ENV to collaborate with Speedo and their parent company, PVH, in creating a space to reflect their new vision and marketing direction.

The 68,000 square foot building provided space for multiple showrooms and most importantly, a pool. The state-of-the-art Aqua Lab Pool (shown above) serves as an in-house product testing facility, fully equipped with a swim current, two treadmills, and aquatic bikes.

One of the main reasons for Speedo's decision to move into a new space was to transition to an open-plan environment that is much more informal and collaborative.

An open plan environment consisting of sit-to-stand desks surrounded by collaboration areas creates a stimulating and productive atmosphere.

Conference Rooms double as retail space equipped with specialized product displays showcasing merchandise to potential buyers.

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