The Beresford

The Beresford is a preeminent prewar apartment building built in 1929 and located within the Central Park West Historic District. Within her unit, the client’s primary objective was to effectively showcase her collection of art and photography within her living space, whilst also preserving the original character of the apartment, which had not been renovated in 70 years. The integrity of the space was carefully maintained, including the preservation of plaster molding and existing flooring wherever possible. Throughout the space, LED-lit picture rails were incorporated as a signature display method, allowing the client to address a lighting challenge and to maximize wall space for her expansive art collection. Overall, the design aimed to foster an appreciation for art by creating an immersive environment for visitors, reflecting the client’s role as an art educator.

An existing coat closet was transformed into a custom mini bar space, seamlessly integrating modern amenities while respecting the apartment's original layout.

The living room area was rendered dark due to the lack of existing downlights in the ceiling. To address this challenge, specially designed LED linear lights under the shelves were installed. These lights not only illuminated the artwork without causing any light damage but also subtly emphasized its significance without overpowering the room. Moreover, they served as an ambient light source to complement the natural light coming in from the windows.

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