At ENV, we’ve built a talented team with a reputation for designing solutions that work in the real world.

We know that the best projects are collaborative, and we make a point to listen, ask tough questions, and share insights along the way. Clients trust our principal-led teams to deliver projects on time, on budget, and as promised.


Richard Korchien
Principal | Los Angeles, CA

A Korean War veteran, Richard was hired by ENV straight out of the service in 1955. Raised in New York, one of his first jobs was designing the facility for Sabena Belgian Air Lines at Idlewild Airport in NYC. (That airport was later renamed the John F. Kennedy Airport in 1963.)

Richard maintained residences in both New York and Los Angeles for decades, commuting back and forth between coasts. In fact, he only just recently sold his NY apartment. Since his daughters both married California men (and he now has four California grandchildren), it made more sense to stay in California full-time with his wife of 60 years.

He learned to snow ski in Vermont. But once he discovered the milder weather for skiing in Mammoth, CA, he was happy to leave the bitter cold slopes on the East Coast behind. When he was younger, Richard raced sailboats. Now he says it’s “better to have friends with boats.” In his spare time, Richard enjoys reading historical biographies.

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Rodney Stone
President | Los Angeles, CA

Rodney received his architectural education at the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn… and on the streets of New York City. Since he was 15 he wanted to be an architect and over 50 years later, he still loves it.

Like his love for architecture, Rodney has a love for art. He has a small collection that is shown off at his quarterly cocktail parties. Art and connecting people… life can’t get much better than that.

In his spare time, Rodney enjoys being pampered with the full spa experience from steam rooms to facials to massages. Rodney describes himself as politically incorrect… most of the time! He says whatever is on his mind in meetings and people have come to expect hearing his unvarnished opinions.

If he had not gotten into architecture and workplace design, he’d probably be some other kind of artist. He feels fortunate to have found his dream career so early in his life, and that he still enjoys waking up every morning to the opportunity to meet new people and new challenges.

Rodney likes to say he designs SPACE for PEOPLE to RESPOND to.

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Stephanie Boldon
Associate, Project Director | Los Angeles, CA

While she’s traveled the world to exotic places like Thailand, Israel and Croatia, Stephanie Boldon was born and raised right here in Southern California. And as a native Californian, Stephanie loves to stay physically active. You might find her hiking in Mammoth Lakes, or attending a fast-paced cardio class in the Valley with one of her two favorite teachers – the siblings of famed Tae Bo founder, Billy Blanks.

But Stephanie likes her quiet time too. She enjoys the mental stimulation of working crossword and Sudoku puzzles. Or she might cuddle with her cats, Cinnamon Toast and Finn while watching the Lakers. Stephanie admits her musical tastes have expanded from high school when she was into The Clash and The Ramones. (She even sported a colored Mohawk for a short period of time.)

But today she enjoys a different musical vibe, like the rock band Muse. Stephanie can be complicated – and a bit of a rebel when it comes to a serious subject though. Like ice cream. She goes for the unexpected flavor every time – Salted Carmel.

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