Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen Law Firm

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen law firm wanted to relocate their office within the downtown Charlottesville area. Dairy Central, a historic 1937 Monticello dairy facility, provided the perfect home, being a new mixed-use renovation within walking distance of downtown Charlottesville.

ENV had the opportunity to modernize the traditional law firm look while creating a balance with the historic backdrop. Full design services included architecture, interior design, furniture, and art and d├ęcor. The project had two main zones, a client facing front area and a back of house for employees which was equally important for daylight access, and included a large collaborative break area with an adjacent balcony.

Throughout the office, you can see breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge mountain range as well as various elements of the site that showcase the unique history of the new Dairy Central building.

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