At ENV, we’ve built a talented team with a reputation for designing solutions that work in the real world.

We know that the best projects are collaborative, and we make a point to listen, ask tough questions, and share insights along the way. Clients trust our principal-led teams to deliver projects on time, on budget, and as promised.


Adam W. Snyder
Leadership | New York, NY

Adam’s hands-on approach to project management ensures a successful client experience during every phase of the project. With over twenty-five years working on both project management and the design aspect of architecture and interior projects, Adam’s knowledge and experience brings a heightened level of professionalism to the firm.

Maintaining an optimum schedule for each project and delivering it on time and on budget, Adam facilitates the inherent organic process of teamwork, both inside and outside the firm.

His day-to-day coordination and collaboration with ENV staff, client team, and contractors in the field enables a monitored flow of information that results in consistency, quality, and attention to detail.

With such clients as Coach, Calvin Klein, and The Corcoran Group, the size of projects may range from large to small, yet the goal for each remains the same; to deliver a beautiful space that is optimum for the client’s needs.

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Amy Stabile
Senior Associate, Director of Finance | New York, NY

Amy has been with ENV for over 40 years and witnessed it go through many changes – in name, people, size, and location! In spite of it all, she has truly been a constant (and leaves no doubt as to who holds the honorary title of on-staff historian!) Growing up in a large family made up of master carpenters and general contractors, ENV fit Amy like a glove.

She began in the Accounting Department and worked her way up to Finance Director, overcoming every challenge along the way. Indeed, Amy has been instrumental in the success of the company and shaping the culture into what it is today.

The strong ‘fabric’ of ENV contains so much thread with her initials on it. Amy provides a sense of warmth, of familiarity, of coming home, a feeling of comfort – things the staff doesn’t take for granted because it is seldom found in corporate environments. There is no doubt that AMY is synonymous with ENV.

In her free time, Amy loves to travel, play board games, cook, bake, and watch films from the ‘30s and ‘40s. Her favorite trip is a tie between Italy and a cruise in Alaska.

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Annie Lee
Leadership | New York, NY

Talking to Annie about Interior Design, you will witness joy in its purest form. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and it is impossible not to mirror her bright eyed, wide smile as she recounts how a client clasped her hand in gratitude and thanked her for designing an environment which directly led to communication barriers being torn down. That is the magic of Annie.

It’s not just her charm, keen sense of style, or innovative ideas; (though she has all those in spades) it is the care that she pours into each project, down to the last detail, and her excitement for the space to positively affect real day-to-day change.

Annie has created many works of beauty, but it is the human connection in design she finds most fulfilling.

You can feel the passion for what she does in every word she speaks. Annie began her career as a fashion buyer, not exactly a typical route to architecture, and this experience provided her with a rare perspective on design – from how she approaches a room or building as if it were a person, to her openness to mixing colors and patterns, to her ability to think simultaneously about multiple projects. As a WELL AP and a LEED AP, she is very conscious of the well-being of both people and the earth.

In her free time, Annie never really stops thinking about work .. whether it’s solving design problems at sunrise or finding color inspirations when scuba diving. She enjoys traveling but is hard pressed to name a favorite place, as to her, they are like favorite outfits – you appreciate them for different reasons.

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Annie Yip
Project Director | New York, NY

Some girls play with doll houses… Annie built her own. For as far back as she can remember, she has loved constructing exterior and interior spaces. When she was 7 years old, armed with nothing but Legos and her imagination, Annie would build whatever came to her mind. These included completely furnished multiple story structures with intricate architectural details like interconnecting stairs, balconies, and pitched roofs.

Looking back, every significant event in Annie’s life was leading up to a career in architecture – from her early predilection for drawing to her desire to unite function and beauty in her creations. Taking notice of her talents, teachers pushed Annie to attend a specialized art school. She decided to follow their advice, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the School of Visual Arts.

Her current position as Project Director at ENV requires a bit of everything – making presentations to new potential clients, meeting with existing clients, coordinating with engineers on all aspects of the design, and managing projects from beginning to end. Some notable projects she has worked on here are Savanna, Westbrook Partners, Meadow Partners, Comcast, HDR Manhattan, Situation, and Zero Point Zero.

In her personal life, Annie has a second full time job chauffeuring her two kids and managing their multitude of activities. She enjoys traveling, widening her children’s exposure to different cultures, trying all types of cuisines, and cooking and baking with her kids.

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Anthony Carrasquillo
Technical Designer | New York, NY

A graduate in Architecture at State University of New York at Delhi, Anthony enjoyed drawing buildings, textures, and layouts. His first chance to use his detailing skills was for a food service design company in NYC. Anthony enjoyed the work he was doing, but it didn’t quite coincide with all that he went to school for.

Happily, Manhattan, despite being the most densely populated borough, is also a small world. The company he worked for was closely associated to ENV and when a job opportunity opened at ENV, Anthony then found his match!

After getting a taste of life at ENV, Anthony knew he was in the right place. Fast forward to today, where he appreciates spending his days applying his skills working in architecture and interior design. He has helped to complete several WeWork interior design projects and is part of the team that continues to work with this very noteworthy shared workspaces client.

When he’s not at the office, you can find him on the court shooting hoops, or on his couch playing video games with friends. He loves watching basketball games live because the action is just too exciting, and his favorite team is the Warriors. Anthony also organizes the annual office superbowl competition for the company.

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Anthony Strazzera
Project Manager | New York, NY

Anthony had always liked architecture; however, after taking a drafting course in high school, his interest was piqued and he began to think seriously about a career in the field. He graduated from New York Institute of Technology and now has over 22 years experience in architecture.

The range of his portfolio includes showrooms, retail, restaurant, financial, residential, and exterior renovations, with an emphasis on corporate interiors. He has done projects for Roxy, Quicksilver, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Krispy Kreme, AIG, E*trade, Morgan Stanley, Journal of Commerce, and BMI, among others.

Currently, he is a project manager at ENV where his responsibilities include consultant coordination, drafting, review and coordination of construction documents, and construction administration. In his time at ENV he has worked on a diverse array of projects, ranging from a residential penthouse apartment on the upper west side to new construction, such as Mason Tenders and Local 14.

When he’s not working at the office, Anthony can be found doing work on his house. He is also an avid volleyball player who has fielded and/or played on a team for the last 20 years .. he even met his wife on the court! On weekends when he’s not busy with volleyball or renovations, Anthony plays tennis, rollerblades, and rides his bike with his wife, or spends time with his extended family.

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Chris Aniftos
Project Designer | New York, NY

From a young age, Chris has always been interested in doing something creative. Originally pursuing abstract sculpture and animation while attending art school, Chris decided to switch into architecture and design after taking an ancient architecture class. Inspired by the immaculate works of his ancestors, being the child of Greek-Cypriot immigrants, Chris sought to learn to capture the beauty and magnitude he had experienced that day. His time in that class also helped solidly his deep love for history and theory, something he continues to learn and pursue to this day.

Chris received a BFA in Architecture with a minor in Architectural History from the Savannah College of Art and Design and received his Master’s in Architecture from Pratt Institute. While at Pratt Chris taught architectural theory and history as a Teacher Assistant as well as working as a shop monitor and fabrication/material researcher for the school’s fabrication department. After school Chris worked in architectural fabrication for high end Manhattan retail before moving on to working in offices specializing in architecture & interior design.

Outside of architecture, Chris is a musician and plays shows with his band around NYC.

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Craig Daniels
Technical Director | New York, NY

Over 30 years ago while in college, little did Craig know that a job that was just intended to help pay for college tuition would become a real foundation for his future career path. It was the mid 80’s and the county assessor had this brand new program called AutoCAD and they were hiring and training students to use it to convert all the assessment maps into a digital format. That early beginning experience was a springboard for him for a career focusing on technology in various Architectural and Engineering offices.

As Technical Director at ENV NY, Craig enjoys his role of implementing all facets of tech as well as teaching and assisting staff. Every day brings new challenges for him to tackle and it is interesting for him to be able to assist in everything from accounting, to marketing (like administrating this website!), to architectural design presentations and construction documentation.

Outside of the office, Craig enjoys time with his family. He and his wife enjoy travelling and sharing the experience of seeing new places with their son Brendan. Craig’s hobbies include photography and DIY renovation projects on his 1920’s era home. As far as participant sports, his first three choices are tennis, running 5K, and snow skiing.

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David Chagnon
Project Manager | New York, NY

David first became interested in architecture at a young age, hearing stories of his late uncle, an architect he was named after. Growing up, family members would talk about the brilliant work done by his uncle on buildings of all sizes. This, paired with the hands-on construction experience from his youth and teenage years helping with DIY projects around the house, are the foundation that influenced his desire to become an architect. Coming from a large family, David understands and values the importance of working as a team to successfully complete every project. He takes an active approach to guide clients through understanding each detail of the process. His family’s construction background is part of the reason he is able to help clients bring their creative visions to life, and he takes great pride in the fact that he was able to obtain his Architect’s license and follow in his uncle’s footsteps.

Before joining ENV as project manager, David worked on numerous corporate projects throughout NYC and NJ ranging in size and complexity, and he continues to assist a wide variety of clientele in transforming their imagination to reality.

Outside of work, family and sports take up 90% of his free time. David spends countless hours teaching his kids everything he possibly can; developing their intelligence and ingenuity, and showing them how to be creative and express themselves through different forms of art – from painting to writing, to anything that stimulates the mind. Another one of his personal passions, sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, MMA, boxing, and soccer, among others, is very important to him. David has been playing sports since he was four, and still plays in the men’s league. The teamwork aspect of sports was especially critical in shaping his ideals and perspective on the world, allowing him to see the unique value each individual can contribute to the group’s overall success.

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David Jon Rush
Leadership | New York, NY

The secret to ENV’s continued success, according to David Rush, is to have the design team imagine an approach for each project that synthesizes both visual creativity as well as personal responsibility. Each project ENV completes has its own individual and functional imprint; all the many design elements relate to one another in a given project without anything overshadowing its counterpart. That is all done intentionally.

As president of the New York Office, David’s easy going and informal personality has the uncanny ability to carefully yet casually uncover the cultural DNA for each project. David listens closely as he guides both clients and the office through the design process; the collaboration results in both sides learning about each other and getting smarter together. With such clients as HarperCollins, Year Up, Smartling, and Comcast, David’s prestigious and diverse portfolio provides a glimpse into the firm’s attention to detail and level of service.

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Eric Owes
Senior Project Manager | New York, NY

As a child growing up in Brooklyn, NY, Eric always had an affinity for art – whether it was drawing superheroes while sitting on the floor reading comic books, or designing futuristic cities with flying, self-driving cars and domed buildings – it was his favorite form of expression. One day, watching the Brady Bunch, there was an episode where Mike Brady, patriarch of the family and an Architect, was in his office designing a building. It was then that Eric heard the word “Architect” uttered for the first time, and it was immediately life-changing. He went to the World Book Encyclopedia, looked up the word, and discovered that Architecture was a real profession. From that point on, he had a singular focus.

After high school, Eric attended NYC Technical College and Lehigh Technical, before embarking on his journey of Architecture and design. He became a draftsman “on the boards”, back when they used actual pencils and other drawings utensils, learned AutoCAD in 1989, and never looked back. He has been involved in many high and low end projects, but treats them all with the same care and dedication due to his intense passion and respect for design.

Eric is a husband and father of two, who think of him as a “pretty cool nerd.” They like to watch their dad draw projects around the house and build them – sometimes twice because he isn’t very handy – but he still enjoys the process. He rides an Italian motorcycle during the summer and enjoys a nice single malt scotch and cigar under the moonlight with a fire in the pit. Eric also loves traveling with his wife and plans to design abroad for his in-laws in the Dominican Republic.

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Haiwen Yu
Project Director | New York, NY

Haiwen is a Project Director for ENV and has over twenty years experience in all phases of architectural/interior design.

Her creative and leadership skills set her apart when it comes to planning, scheduling, detailing and coordinating all aspects of commercial design. Haiwen’s excellent communication skills, combined with deep knowledge of engineering and architectural building codes make her a valuable part of our team.

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Herby Joseph
Project Designer, Visualization | New York, NY

As a child growing up in Haiti, Herby had a unique perspective of seeing his parents build family homes from the ground up. But something inside him was stirred of someday designing a home based on his own ideas!

The dream of Architecture took shape first with his bachelor’s degree at the University of Buffalo and then further at Parsons School of Design. As his career progressed, he could see more and more how useful it is to be able to present design ideas with 3D modeling and renderings. Herby now leverages his 3D expertise for ENV helping our clients fully visualize how their spaces will look when complete!

When Herby isn’t making magic in front of a computer, you most certainly will find him behind a camera at every opportunity! He loves being able to freeze time in a photo and notice details otherwise easily missed in a fleeting moment. His favorite camera to shoot with is a Fuji XT2 with 56 mm lens. Herby is also an accomplished runner having completed 3 full and about a dozen half marathons. He still hopes to design and build a home he can settle down in for the rest of his life, someday.

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Jacky Chan
Project Director | New York, NY

Jacky Chan brings over seventeen years of experience to his projects, with a vast majority of his expertise being in the design of corporate office spaces of various sizes. As project director, Jacky will be responsible for project quality and overall project coordination on a day-to-day basis.

He meets with the project team, participates in client meetings and regularly reviews all work products. In addition to his role as client liaison, Jacky is responsible for maintaining project schedules and team assignments, coordinating all outside consultants, and field supervision.

Some of his past retail banking experience includes Bank One, Cantor Fitzgerald, ICAP, JP Morgan Chase, Knight Equity Markets, Sherwood Securities, SLK Capital Markets, and Morgan Stanley.

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Janice Chu
Project Manager | New York, NY

Janice’s passion for architecture was sparked by her unique experiences growing up in New York City. Some of her earliest memories include her grandmother’s tenement apartment building, where there was a bathtub in the middle of the kitchen. She also remembers visiting her mother who worked at the world financial center, passing through the winter garden and world trade center.

The pure height and volume of it really stuck with her, and to this day, she still likes to think about the variety of scale that exists for buildings in the city. Her curiosity in architecture led to taking design classes on the weekends as a high school student, and then to pursuing architecture in college.

Janice graduated from The Cooper Union with a Bachelor of Architecture and is a licensed architect, AIA, NCARB. She likes the collaborative nature of the ENV office, that creative ideas can be openly shared and discussed amongst the staff.

When not practicing architecture, Janice likes to cook brunch. Her specialty is poached eggs. She also enjoys traveling. Her most recent adventure included walking across a frozen lake in Iceland (after allowing a group of teenagers to go first).

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Jay Cohen
Leadership | New York, NY

Jay’s management style for ENV is informed by over thirty years of diversified experience on a broad range of architectural project types and interior design applications.

From institutional projects like New York Foundling Hospital to commercial and corporate interiors like The Segal Company and Bank of New York Mellon, Jay has been actively responsible for the design and construction administration of over fifteen million square feet of interior and architectural space and counting.

Some other projects from Jay’s list include Bank of China, Autism Speaks, Plumbers Union Local 1 Headquarters, The Environmental Defense Fund, Year Up, and Mason Tenders.

His design vision informs ENV creativity, and his entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of the company. Whether he is engaged in assisting clients in lease negotiations, benchmarking projects or performing post-occupancy services, Jay’s ability to identify opportunities for clients and manage their design solutions remains one of ENV’s most valuable assets.

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Jennifer Brenner
Project Manager | New York, NY

Growing up with an artistically talented mother, creativity and design were always a part of Jennifer’s life. Constantly drawing and sketching, pencil and paper became her medium of choice. It wasn’t until high school that she was introduced to the world of architecture. Knowing her artistic talents, friends suggested an architecture and design class which quickly became her favorite time of the day.

Following that interest into college, Jennifer pursued a Bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo and later completed her Master’s at the Rhode Island School of Design, focusing on adaptive reuse. Being able to incorporate a building’s past life and history with a new purpose drives her creative nature. It becomes an exciting challenge showcasing existing structures with current ideas.

Outside of the office, Jennifer spends her time with her friends and family exploring New York City and staying active. She loves seeing what the city has to offer from the latest workout class or restaurant, to each of the different neighborhoods. She is always on the go.

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Jenny Le
Senior Technical Designer | New York, NY

As Senior Technical Designer, Jenny joined ENV with more than two decades of base building project experience ranging from Education to Commercial Interior to Residential project types. Impressed with her work ethnic and meticulous design detail, Jenny was recruited by her thesis professor to work in his modest mid-size firm in Hasting on Hudson, NY upon graduation. Since then, she has worked in all aspects of design, documentation, and construction phases on notable projects varying in size and complexity. Some of her past works are Scarsdale Elementary and High School gym and classroom additions, Dressbarn Headquarters office addition/renovation, Novartis Pharmaceutical Campus Master Plan, and JFK Riverwalk Residential Development.

Jenny’s passion and pursuit for design excellence and meticulous detail are evident in her work and personal life. At home, she has her hands full with the daily drama of a teenage boy and five-year old diva. While not managing her two kids and husband’s daily activities, Jenny enjoys local cuisine, traveling, and binging the latest K-Pop TV dramas.

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