At ENV, we’ve built a talented team with a reputation for designing solutions that work in the real world.

We know that the best projects are collaborative, and we make a point to listen, ask tough questions, and share insights along the way. Clients trust our principal-led teams to deliver projects on time, on budget, and as promised.


Keri Hart
Project Designer | New York, NY

Keri took the ‘Goldilocks’ route to her position at ENV. She grew up in Vermont, and after graduating from Endicott College in Massachusetts with her degree in Interior Design, she tried out a variety of jobs and homes before finding the perfect fit here.

She spent many years working in Connecticut designing millwork and display for luxury retail environments, but took a break in the middle to try out life in Kansas City working at a home design boutique.

Then she sampled the famed southern hospitality in Louisiana for a bit while working as a home decor and furniture salesperson, but that wasn’t quite right either. So eventually, like Goldilocks, she found her way to a project designer position at ENV, which she thinks is juuuuuust right.

When she isn’t surrounded by material samples or creating 3D models and renderings for her projects at ENV, Keri spends her time lounging with her 60 pound lapdogs, visiting her large and rowdy extended family, executing a plethora of home improvement and DIY projects, baking cupcakes, and counteracting the cupcakes with activities like yoga, hiking, downhill skiing, and coed kickball.

She dreams of getting her pilots license and a seaplane someday, and plans to frequently add to the list of 17 countries and 34 states that she has visited so far.

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Louis Cespedes
Project Director | New York, NY

Louis is a native of New York City and a graduate of Pratt Institute School of Architecture. Trained as a painter, his knowledge of fine-arts and history form the foundations of his architectural thinking. His professional and personal focus has always been on problem solving both in arts as well as in building, with a unique focus on craft.

As a child, he worked alongside his step-father in body shops fixing crashed automobiles. As an architect, he has practiced architecture in Vienna and most recently in Mexico before returning to New York.

Initially, after completing his studies, he began working in the public sector for the New York City Housing Authority and later he joined the private sector firm of Skidmore Owings and Merrill before setting off to travel around Europe, eventually ending up in Mexico where he lived for 10 years.

In the Americas, he’s traveled to Peru, Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. These travels and professional experiences inform his perception of practice and his simple approach to practical management and creative solutions.

Louis is an avid history buff, and news junkie, and is constantly thinking and finding motivation in the every-day. He is also a competitor and a do-it-yourselfer. In his spare time, he participates in amateur Triathlon events. He’s completed several half-distance events in Syracuse and Quassy as well as yearly participation in the New York City Tri. During the off-season, his favorite pastime is doing small construction and home-improvement projects.

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Maja Milanovic
Project Manager | New York, NY

Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, Maja earned her Master’s degree in architecture at Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade. Growing up with musician parents (her father is a piano professor, and her mother teaches music theory), she developed a taste for art early on.

She graduated music school in piano taught by her father, and at the same time joined ballet school. As a teenager, she became fascinated with architecture, particularly the interaction of shapes and elements within the surrounding environment of the modern age.

Her grand uncle, an eminent architect and winner of the prestigious October Prize in the former Yugoslavia, was a great influence in her life and an inspiration to pursue her architectural studies. Upon graduation, she began her career in New York and over a decade later, has gained significant experience in various fields of architecture and interior design, such as corporate relocations, retail, health care, and high-end residential renovations.

Maja enjoys being a part of every aspect of the project, from schematic design to coordination with consultants and contractors. She is a skillful project manager capable of managing a project from conception to completion, who strives to satisfy all her clients’ needs by thoroughly monitoring construction progress. Her greatest satisfaction is to see her design and visions come to life. At ENV, she has worked on several projects for prestigious corporations such as Citi Habitats, The Related Companies, Orange Business Services, Phillip Van Heusen, and Swiss RE.

When not working on ENV projects, Maja uses every opportunity to travel and explore different countries, their cultures, architecture and life styles. She also loves skiing, so with the first snowfall, she will be spending her weekends on the slopes. In her college days, she worked as a fitness instructor, and still enjoys a fun aerobics class. Maja’s passion for music and dancing remains a big part of her personality. She still plays piano occasionally, and does not shy away from impressing everyone with her dance moves whenever the opportunity arises.

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Roberto Quintanar
Senior Project Coordinator | New York, NY

Roberto’s service in the U.S. Army was instrumental in molding him into the person he is today. He learned determination, discipline, and the ability to accomplish tasks in a clear, concise, and complete manner. He graduated with honors from the New York Institute of Technology School of Architecture.

Early on in his career (hitting the ground running) came greater challenges in construction management and building design for large-scale projects in the private and institutional sectors. Just when he finally mastered the skills necessary for manual drafting, computers became a vast part of the workplace.

He has over 25 years experience in a variety of corporate interior and architectural building designs and thorough knowledge of all phases of contract documentation. With so many moving parts to coordinate and manage, Roberto always leads by example, radiating positivity onto everyone he comes in contact with.

He is motivated by knowing what he does genuinely makes a difference in people’s lives – how they work, interact, communicate, and play. Some notable projects he has worked on for ENV include Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, the Durst Organization, Corcoran, NY Foundling, and Swiss RE, among others.

When Roberto isn’t architecting (he insists that’s a real word), he loves participating in his children’s sports and activities. He even became a NCAA swimming and diving official so he could spend more time with his kids who were competitive swimmers and his younger kids who are starting to swim (what a dad!). He wants to save the planet for them (and all future generations) so he is constantly following the latest trends (and challenges) in sustainability design.

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Roland Quirion
Leadership | New York, NY

Roland has over thirty four years experience in Core and Shell, Interior Architecture, planning, and design. Trained as an architect, he has completed hundreds of projects throughout the United States and the world, most notably in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Toronto, Cairo, Dubai, and Algiers.

As Associate Principal, Roland works with his technical and design teams to establish goals and objectives that will ensure throughout the design process that all client priorities and design objectives have been met. He works closely with all office principals, technical, and design teams to establish ongoing strategic and common goals for all assigned client projects.

He is responsible for communicating these goals and objectives to all project managers and staff under his management. Roland’s experience includes award-winning design, project management, space planning, technical detailing, and construction administration.

Roland’s work has been published in Interior Design and Contract Magazines. Roland belongs to several industry design associations and provides mentorship through industry competitions and various local and national charities.

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Shaunna Lam
Office Administrator/Marketing Assistant | New York, NY

If you were to peruse Shaunna’s work history, you may be perplexed as to how she ended up at ENV. With an unconventional mix of jobs including TV producer, office manager, and marketing coordinator, this multi-hyphenate position allows her to put all her various skills to use. From accommodating clients, assisting principals, and providing general staff support to composing social media posts and helping with the company rebrand, Shaunna is happy to do whatever is needed – even in a Halloween costume!

In her spare time, Shaunna enjoys absorbing as much Japanese culture and language as possible through a ridiculous amount of anime watching, playing Monster Hunter on her 3DS, and spending countless hours on Wikipedia trying to demystify the world one fact at a time. She wants to taste every type of cuisine that exists and believes there is no such thing as “too much sleep.”

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Sol Seong
Designer | New York, NY

Sol’s love of numbers prompted her to study business in Korea, but she always had creative ambitions. She often spent time imagining interior spaces and how they could change people’s quality of life and behavior. She believes that a good environment can positively affect the user’s mood, experience, and memory of the space.

To learn more about interior design, Sol made the substantial decision to uproot and attend the New York School of Interior Design. Her senior thesis project was chosen as the best among the entire graduating class. Since completing her degree, Sol has been able to bring her designs to life at ENV for projects like Tommy Hilfiger and PVH.

Even when she’s away from the office, architecture remains near to Sol’s heart and mind. She loves to travel and finds beauty everywhere she goes. Some of her favorite works of architecture are the Gaudi buildings in Spain and the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Guggenheim Museum.

If she had time right now, she would go to the Netherlands to see Vincent Van Gogh’s art. Sol enjoys visiting museums and besides Van Gogh, counts Edvard Munch and David Hockney among the artists who inspire her.

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Stephanie Dimino
Accounting Specialist | New York, NY

Stephanie, intrigued by the architecture and interior design industry, began at ENV as an administrator handling a variety of tasks, from accounting to event planning to office management. She had an aptitude for numbers which did not go unnoticed by Amy, ENV NY’s Finance Director, who helped to further polish her natural talents.

As the firm grew, so too did Stephanie’s role within it. Today, she enjoys her position as Accounting Specialist, and continues to find her work stimulating. She still assists in an admin capacity, leading the way with company outings like the annual fall gathering and holiday party.

In her free time (when she’s not taking care of her two Yorkies), Stephanie is an experienced skier and weekend chef. She loves Italian food and states that she can “eat pasta every single day.” She likes all kinds of music, but especially music from the 70s, having grown up with her parents listening to it. Stephanie is also a car enthusiast and attends shows. Her dream car is a black Maserati GranTurismo with red seats.

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Thomas Mango
Senior Project Director | New York, NY

After a summer job spent doing residential construction work with a friend’s contracting company, Tom knew he was interested in architecture… he just didn’t know in what capacity. He spent the ensuing years trying to figure that out. He received his degree in architecture, was hired straight out of school, and set about learning every facet of the industry.

Over 20 years and a few firms later, Tom has a broad knowledge of architecture, from the technical, such as coding and zoning laws, to the various types, such as exteriors from the ground up, interiors, corporate, and food service. His favorite kinds of projects to work on are building conversions.

As project director at ENV, he uses his extensive range of experience to inform each project he works on. He is very hands-on, and has even produced his own drawings for smaller builds. Tom enjoys the family like environment of ENV, and it ranks among the best offices he’s worked for.

Outside the office, Tom has an advanced certification in scuba diving and used to take diving trips annually. His most memorable one was to the Keys, where he dove down to a hollowed out barge and found himself amidst an aquarium of fish. Watching them swim past right in front of his eyes was both relaxing and captivating. He also enjoys traveling and watching hockey.

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Wey Lee
Leadership | New York, NY

When it comes to the process of managing, designing, and coordinating a good-looking and functional interiors project, Wey Lee is an expert. His experienced leadership breathes life and stability into each project he does and client relationship he extends with ENV.

With over four decades experience in the commercial interiors industry, Mr. Lee’s work on ground-up core and shell projects, along with the design of large-scale corporate interior spaces, continues to innovate and adapt to his clients’ growing needs.

Over the years, Wey Lee has developed a particular expertise in the design of retail banking, financial services, and retail roll-outs. As principal-in-charge, Mr. Lee maintains an ongoing senior management level relationship with each client, all the while seeking to align each project’s objectives for quality, schedule, and budget.

A partial listing of his projects include JP Morgan Chase, Capital One, and Dime Savings. Roll-out retail includes Starbucks, Michael Kors, Tiffany, and Ralph Lauren. Financial projects include Morgan Stanley, Knight Capital, Societe Generale, BGC, Cantor Fitzgerald, Dow Jones, Met Life, and Guardian Life Insurance.

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Zak Silapaswang
Senior Project Coordinator | New York, NY

As a young man in Thailand, Zak completed his training in Architecture at a top university there. Shortly thereafter, he moved to the U.S. and continued his graduate education in both architecture and interior design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

His talent at technical detailing and his hand drawing skills were apparent and he was quickly snatched up by a company that saw this ability.

And such was the start of many years of milestones and accomplishments in the design industry, including studying under Eleanor Roosevelt’s own woodworker. One thing about Zak through his years is that he has seen many changes! When computers were first introduced into design,

Zak did not shy away from the technology. He dove right in spending many “after hours” sessions seeing what he could do with this new set of tools. He truly made the program his own; so much so that it became known as Zak-CAD around the office.

Zak has been with ENV (Environetics) for many years. He really appreciates the creative freedom he has here and how he is given the chance to run with his ideas. He loves the technical aspects of interior design and he is a go-to problem solver. It’s all in the fine details and creating a finished space that our clients enjoy and are very happy with that brings him satisfaction. Recently he has been working on many projects for the Durst Organization and Calvin Klein. He still freehand sketches drawings to this day at times when working out solutions.

When not at the office, he enjoys time with his kids and grand kids. He has always enjoyed playing and watching tennis and golf when he has time to. Zak looks forward soon to see his own design in a personal way as he has drawn up a renovation for his home that he hopes to see take shape in the near future.

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